Create. Transform. Inspire

Why is it that when we eat our mom’s or grandma's food that it tastes more vibrant, fresh, and, let’s face it, better than anyone else's? Love is the answer!

Chef Marie's goal is to share her cooking experience with all who seek to elevate their health and vibrational energy.

Marie applies Quantum Application to cooking - a process that starts from a focused, egoless heart center, which allows her meals to go from ordinary to extraordinary! Under this application, her hands become an extension of her heart and higher-self. As she prepares your meal, she envisions everyone who consumes her food finding the health, loving affirmation, peace, harmony, and renewed sense of purpose that they’ve been searching for!

On top of all of this comes one of the most important facts: all of our food is organic! The Proper Palate team seeks out the best biodynamic farmers and meat purveyors, many of whom are local. All of our food is prepared using 316 Titanium steel cookware.

Marie’s cookware is the safest on the market and doesn't leach heavy metals into the food, allowing us to use low temperatures while cooking to maintain the vitamins and minerals. Proper Palate creates the healthiest meals based on a person's individual nutritional needs!

We aim to transform those comfort meals into healthy meals without sacrificing taste or integrity. We inspire others to want to learn and achieve ultimate health through our food. Marie wants to share her positive food experiences with you and break the wheel!

We look forward to having you join our Intunement Movement.

Healthy Wishes,

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