Private Chef


Luxury at it’s finest!

No need to stress. You don’t have to lift a finger. A personal chef arrives with the food already prepped the way you might see in a restaurant. Or we prepare on site. No need to drive, just tuck the kids in bed and we’ll pour you a drink.


How does it work?

Book a consultation with us so we can discuss your personal dietary needs.

We create a daily or weekly menu.

Set a budget.

We set a weekly schedule, and we are off and cooking!

Benefits of hiring a personal chef

No Clean Up- that’s right, this may be the best reason. A personal chef keeps the kitchen tidy as the courses go out, and in the end all of the dishes are done and the kitchen is often left cleaner than when we arrived.

Saves You Time- with a personal chef there is no travel time, no waiting for a table and when dinner is done you can go right back to enjoying the company of your guests.

Picking the menu – For your special occasion you are free to help design the menu. Guests dictate what they like and what you cannot stand. We accommodate all food preferences and dietary restrictions.

Convenience – no need to drive, no corking fees, and no babysitter, that’s a no brainer.

We bring our own luxury cookware that is made of 316 titanium steel. The cleanest, safest cookware on the market. Your food will taste like it’s in high definition!